The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendment) Act No. 53, 2009, provides an opportunity for former Ugandan citizens who have naturalized in another country, to re-acquire Ugandan citizenship. The Act also allows foreign nationals who wish to retain their citizenship in a foreign county, the option to acquire Ugandan citizenship.

In Uganda, Dual Citizenship means the simultaneous possession of two citizenships of which one is Uganda. Dual Citizenship may be issued by the Department of Immigration to any person who wishes to acquire Ugandan citizenship while retaining citizenship of their country of origin.

Dual Citizenship on account of investment or foreigners
Any person categorized as an investor and holding a Work Permit under class B-E, with proof of having lived in Uganda legally for a period of 15 years, is legible to apply for Dual citizenship.  The person must however in addition to the 15 years of legal stay, satisfy other requirements for the grant of dual citizenship.

Dual Citizenship on account of marriage
To acquire a Dual Citizenship on account of marriage, one must be married to an Ugandan citizenship for at least 3 years.  This requirement is key but only one requirement among many others to be satisfied.

Dual Citizenship for Ugandans in the Diaspora.
The rationale for Dual Citizenship in this category is mostly the realization that Ugandans in the Diaspora make enormous contribution to the economic and socio-cultural development of Uganda. A Ugandan who has attained citizenship of another country and wishes to re-acquire their Ugandan citizenship is legible to a grant of dual citizenship upon proof of their claim to citizenship. The Immigration Board may allow a former Ugandan citizen to re-acquire his or her Ugandan citizenship if it is satisfied that the grounds for the loss of his or her Ugandan citizenship are of no adverse effect to the public order and security of Uganda. A person who re-acquires Ugandan citizenship under this section shall be required to take the oath of allegiance. The flipside to acquiring dual citizenship is that the applicant will not permitted by law to hold some Offices of State like becoming the president, commanding officers or the like.

Applications for dual citizenship could be cancelled if applicant misrepresents their background, education, training or experience and/or any other matter required in the application.

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